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Jason and KITT

Dan and KITT



The New KR CrewWelcome!!

Welcome to the new and improved Shadowy Flight webpage!! We're glad you're here, and we're super glad you're listening to the podcast!


Podcast, you say? Yes! The Shadowy Flight is a podcast that is (was) devoted to following the episodes of the new NBC series of Knight Rider. An action-based series about a man, his car, and the idea that one man can make a difference. Some good peeps on the payroll too - Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, and Val Kilmer as the man inside the dashboard.


However, after a long, drawn out, painfully slow decline, Knight Rider, the new series, has been cancelled. Yes, I know, NBC hasn't officially announced it. But look at it this way: the actors have all moved on to other shows... Yes indeed, R.I.P., Knew Knight....




The Old KR CrewSo if it's gone, what the heck do you talk about?

Yeah, some people have asked that. Ok, so no one has asked that. But here's the answer! Jason and Dan get together about every week - sometimes more, usually less - to talk about classic Knight Rider Episodes. And thus, through the genius of Jason, and the heavy breathing of Dan, The Shadowy Flight drives on!!


Jason and Dan talk up the old episodes with all the flair and zest as Mr. Feeny did as the voice of K.I.T.T.

So check it out. There's four years of episodes to go through, and the Shadowy Flight is rolling on into the Knight... Ok, I know that last pun was stupid, but it's late, and unlike the writers, I am not really that good at Knight puns....

So kick back, check the classic episodes out, shoot us an email, and enjoy!!!