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Jason is a sexy beast, with special emphasis on the beast. I mean, this guy has hair!! Eek!

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This guy likes lists... like, a lot. I'm pretty sure his wife is a list, and he's got a girlfriend and kids on the side...


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Producer Aaron and Jason have been having an affair for years. Of course, no one knows about it, so shhh....




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We would like to personally welcome you to the newly designed website for for the Film In Focus podcast!!! It's been a long time coming, because, hey, we have lives outside of the podcast! But that doesn't stop us from having fun. Because ladies and gentleman, this podcast is fun!!

So, again, welcome! Take a look around, click that little link at the top that says "Contact" and shoot us an email to let us know what you think!!


Also, we've got a couple sponsor's links right over to the right there. Netflicks has a free 2 week trial, and all of us at FiF totally recommend the service. RiffTrax is a must have as well, so check those out, and help us keep the podcasts going!!


Thank you all!!!

--Producer Aaron


A Little Background on FiF...


Film in Focus started in early 2008 with two guys that like to talk about movies. Jason and Danny get together each week to let us sit in on some of their chats.


50+ episodes, year and a half, and who knows how much beer later, Jason and Danny continue to bring their amazing film knowledge to us each week - more or less.


Joined by several guest hosts, including the very man-pretty Layton, the musical genius Ricky, and a mess of other people that pop in for the episodes, Jason and Danny offer insight, opinion, critique, and useless trivia to listeners around the world.



What's it all about???

Each episode, Jason and Danny review a particular genre, era, or individual film. Their extensive cinematic background (these guys have seen a LOT of movies) lends an amazing range of fantastic commentary to each and every episode.


Jason finds his roots primarily along the "fan boy" movies, with a great interests in time travel, post-apocolyptic, and underwater themes. Danny goes for the classics (pre-1950's), and foreign films, specifically Japanese films.

You can find a ton more about each of their personal tastes by checking out their Flixster pages. Links to those pages are located up and to the left, in their little bio sections.


Also in every episode, Jason and Danny read the emails that they receive, and for them, that's one of the best parts of the show. So click the Contact button up there, let them know what you have to say!!


Once again, thanks for stopping by. For now, this is what there is. However, as we work this out, we'll have regular updates, both in the Twitter feed, as well as on this page, so check back often! :-)